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Ridvan Aydemir better known as Apostate Prophet is an ex-Muslim YouTuber. Ridvan was born on 9 February 1991 in Germany to a family of Turkish Sunni Muslims. His family eventually moved back to Turkey wherein Ridvan underwent two years of compulsory military training. 

The shift from Germany to Turkey was a big one as Ridvan picked up multiple ideologies during the time. Not only did he acquire different ideologies, but he also remained a secular communist for a short time. During his stint in the Military, he picked up Islam and became heavily interested in its teachings. 

Thanks to a conservative Muslim family of devout Sunni Muslims, Ridvan’s interest in Islam soon became extensive. However, as he explored the depths and teachings of Islam, he slowly started having doubts about Islam which led him to question the teachings and all the tenets of Islam. 

His skepticism about religion slowly grew with time until it reached a boiling point causing him to abandon religion altogether. Not only did he abandon Islam, but Ridvan soon became estranged from his family of conservative and devout Sunni Muslims. 

Apostate Prophet
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Age, Biography and Wiki

Real NameRidvan Aydemir
Date of Birth9 February 1991
Age as of 202332 years
Birth SignAquarians

Life On YouTube

While the majority of the content caters to the world of entertainment, a few creators such as the Apostate Prophet are ensuring that YouTube doesn’t defeat its main purpose and remains informative to each and everyone looking for answers. 

Known primarily as an Islamic counter-apologetic, the Apostate Prophet has been spearheading the quest to question the principles of Islam at each step while simultaneously urging the people to keep away from Islam at all times. 

Ridvan first joined YouTube in May 2017 when his skepticism about Islam reached a new high. Having moved out of his house, Ridvan moved to the United States in 2018 wherein he soon became a US citizen in 2021. 

In all his early videos, Ridvan explains why he left Islam while simultaneously discussing all the events, doubts, and queries that led to him taking such a drastic decision. He soon started hosting guests on his channel who, along with the Prophet, would critique the Quranic ayahs. 

Slowly, Apostate Prophet became a famous name within the YouTube community. Ridvan explored the Quran in detail only to rip it apart later in protest of the blasphemy laws laid under the teachings of Islam. 

This not only brought him under the spotlight but also got him a million views followed by extensive coverage by news channels worldwide. Meanwhile, it brought him under scrutiny by the Islamic community and sparked outrage amongst Muslims causing him to delete the video altogether. 

Political Repercussions

Although his YouTube handle is titled Apostate Prophet, Ridvan himself is an Atheist and a supporter of free speech. His blatant criticism of the Islamic religion has brought him immense heat that not only estranged the 32-year-old from his parents but also forced him to leave Turkey altogether. 

Despite the repercussions, Ridvan’s fight against Islamic blasphemy continues to remain and the YouTuber hasn’t spared anyone including global conglomerates such as Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms regarding their censorship laws. 

He has utter disregard for the Islam view worldwide and considers it inhumane towards atheists, Hindus, Christians, Jews, and even towards the Muslim community. Furthermore, he has held Islam responsible by leveling accusations of human rights abuses against them. 

In several of his videos, Ridvan has justified India’s stand against Islam stating that there is no place for Islam worldwide as all the principles of the Quran are pseudoscience. The final straw was when he strongly condemned Islam during the Christchurch massacre in New Zealand calling it an act of Muslims trying to impose Islam throughout. 

Apostate Prophet Wife

After migrating to the United States in 2018, Ridvan became a citizen in 2021 post which he married and became a father of one. He continues to remain estranged from his family and hasn’t spoken to them since moving out of Turkey in 2018. 

Apostate Prophet Net Worth

He enjoys immense success across YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram. Over the years, he has managed to gain thousands of followers while several of his videos have views in the millions. 

Although he earns the majority of his income through YouTube, social media and other speaking engagements, details of his net worth are $150k to $200k at this point. 

Net Worth$150k – $200k
Income SourceYoutube, Ads and Sponsorships

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Who is Apostate Prophet?

Ridvan Aydemir better known as Apostate Prophet is an ex-Muslim YouTuber. Ridvan was born on 9 February 1991 in Germany to a family of Turkish Sunni Muslims.

How old is Apostate Prophet?

As of 2023, he is 32 years old.

What is Apostate Prophet real name?

Ridvan Aydemir

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