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Everyone loves a creator who can play different roles and wear different hats. Bill Wurtz is predominantly known as an internet personality who creates music, animation videos, informative video essays, and much more, and his central platform is YouTube. However, he has also released music singles. 

He likes to experiment with his style and change things up, which creators have noticed often happened, especially in the January of 2021 when after remaining enacted for two years, Bill Wurtz returned to his channel and made videos utterly different from what she had previously created.

Bill experiments with surrealistic art and psychedelic graphics. He loves creating animations based on a non-sequitur style, in which he has introduced some diversity through his recent skill in 3D animation. Wurtz originally started his career on Vine as an internet creator, but he had been releasing music since 2002! Over the last decade, he has amassed 723 million views. 

Bill Wurtz Face

Bill Wurtz face
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Age, Biography and Wiki

Real NameWilliam James Wurtz II
Date of Birth8 December 1989
Age as of 202333 years
BirthplaceNew York, United States
Birth SignSagittarius

Early Life

Wurtz can create art from specific incidents of his life. However, he has kept his family, friends, and other members of his life out of the public eye. 

William James is of Caucasian origin and has blonde hair and blue eyes. He was never really keen about going to college, as he mentions in his song, “I don’t wanna go to school.” Bill Wurtz always found himself excited about different, particular branches of knowledge as well as art, science, visual graphics, motion graphics, and most of all, music.


Bill Wurtz’s most acclaimed video is the 2017 release History of The Entire World, I Guess. He created the first successful animation video in 2016, History of Japan. Moreover, ‘Die,’ which is a ten-second video or teaser, was uploaded by Bill with lots of musical effects surrounding the word. The original song was posted on the website in 2010’s the 9th of March. 

Bill started his career in 2002 when he started creating music. His professional career in music includes vocals and instrumental in the form of keyboard, bass guitar, electric guitar, and drums. He is passionate about experimental electronic music and software-created setups. His primary genre of work is art, pop, and jazz fusion. He recorded his first instrumental music in June 2002, titled “Late Nite Lounge With Loud Lenny.” He recorded his first song on the 3rd of March 2005. 

The first break in his career came when he started creating short-form content on Vine. He used to create similar content on his website, which he started posting on Vine. Bill even won the Shorty Award 2016 in the Tech & Innovation: Weird category. His super popular video documenting the history of Japan was supposed to be initially about US history. He made it amazingly funny and talked about Buddhism, the British alliance, World War 1, World War 2, etc. 

Wurtz was criticized for not discussing Japanese war crimes and its treatment of Korea. After his success on YouTube, he has continued putting time and effort into everything you love – music and content creation. He usually creates content slowly because he does intense research for each video. Since Bill has been creating content for so long, he can establish dominance in fields and content production styles that are not seen today anymore.


Consequently, the internet knows little about his family or present or past relationships. He has not revealed anything about his relationships or love life.

Bill Wurtz Net Worth

Bill appears on several platforms and has an income from his YouTube, website, and Patreon. It is assumed that his current net worth as a culmination of his two-decade-long career is 600k to 700k USD. It is believed that Bill makes a minimum of 10000 to 20000 USD per month.

Net Worth$600k – $700k
Income SourceYoutube, Ads and Sponsorships


  • Bill Wurtz originally went by the name of Billy Wilds but later changed his name after he found a namesake in a male adult-content star.
  • According to some sources, James has been using Blender to create 3D animations.
  • Apart from creating vocal and instrumental music, Bill also writes songs.
  • His YouTube profile icon shows a neon green umbrella on a black square background.
  • He has his website that you can access by the address, where you will find everything from music, merch, and the latest updates.
  • Bill has 5.4 million subscribers on his main Bill Wurtz YouTube channel.
  • Bill’s first post on his website was in 2005, the 3rd of March, entitled “Stuck in a Rut.” However, no one is ever going to find another song until 2009. In the same year, Wurtz shared that ‘the song’ lasted only three minutes. 
  • He created his present YouTube channel on the 17th of February 2012, and the first video came on his track in 2013’s the 9th of September. 
  • His Instagram handle is @notbillwurtz.
  • William’s content is commonly known as psychedelic by many. 
  • Might Quit, a video has been shared by him when he started learning video editing and 3D animations in 2019. However, it returned to 2021 on the 18th of January, and a new original song has been uploaded- Here Comes the Sun. 
  • He has 150k followers on his Instagram account.


Who is Bill Wurtz?

Bill Wurtz is predominantly known as an internet personality who creates music, animation videos, informative video essays, and much more, and his central platform is YouTube. However, he has also released music singles. 

Which YouTube videos is Bill Wurtz most famous for?

Bill Wurtz is famous for his YouTube videos History of Japan and History of The Entire World, I Guess. 

What is Bill Wurtz real name?

His real name is William James Wurtz II.

How old is Bill Wurtz?

As of 2023, he is 33 years old.

Does Bill Wurtz have a girlfriend?

Bill Wurtz is not dating publicly; however, since Wurtz has a private life away from the public, it can’t be said conclusively that he isn’t in a relationship at all.

Does Bill Wurtz have a website?

He created his website in 2014. It can be accessed at the address

Where is Bill Wurtz from?

New York, United States

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