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Nowadays, most of the entertainment has become digital. BionicPIG is a multifaceted entertainer and content creator known for his charismatic personality, comedic talent, and innovative approach to online media. He is a very famous American YouTuber, Comedian, Musician, and Social Media Personality who is mostly famous for his commentary videos on other famous personalities.

On his Instagram handle, he has over 24 thousand followers. His Twitter handle also has over 3.5 thousand followers. On his most famous streaming platform, Twitch, he has over 37 thousand followers.

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Age, Biography and Wiki

Real NameAaron Brown
Date of Birth8th June 1994
Age as of 202329 years
BirthplaceLos Angeles, United States
Birth SignGemini

Early Life

BionicPIG, also known as Aaron Brown, was born on the 8th of June, 1994, in Los Angeles, United States. From a young age, Aaron had a passion for creativity and performance. He was drawn to acting and comedy, finding joy in making people laugh.

As he grew older, Brown recognized the potential of the Internet as a platform for expressing his talents and connecting with a wider audience. This creator has never revealed any details about his parents as he is very reserved about his family. 


BionicPIG has established itself as a prominent figure in the digital world, captivating audiences across various platforms. He started his YouTube channel on the 24th of November 2015. His early videos showcased his comedic skills and unique perspective on everyday life.

Aaron quickly gained a following, attracting viewers who resonated with his humor and relatability. The first video BionicPIG ever uploaded on his channel was titled – “Teds Money Place.” This video was uploaded seven years back on the 20th of May, 2016. Although he created his channel in November 2015, he uploaded his first video almost six months later. This video has 9.8 thousand views and over 800 likes.

To date, BionicPIG’s YouTube channel has gathered over 900 thousand subscribers. The most famous video on his channel is titled – “Remaking Bad Guys With KIDS TOYS,” uploaded four years ago on the 4th of May 2019. It has over 3.1 million views. It is also a music video where he remakes Billie Eilish’s song Bad Guy with some kids’ toys. Also, “Enemy” was one of his infamous uploads. “Enemy” is one of his original songs where he featured his vocals and also of Amy, his wife. Currently, this video is the third most viewed video on his channel.

He has also conducted a famous podcast called Hot Wet Soup. In this Podcast, he also included two of his fellow commentary channels and some of his close friends, including Colossal is Crazy, Keemstar, and HeyWatchYourMouth. This Podcast was soon stopped due to misunderstandings between Aaron and Zaptie, one of his friends. Later this Podcast again resumed and was joined by Leon Lush, a fellow YouTuber. Later BionicPIG launched a podcast named – “Another Podcast.”

Beyond his comedic prowess, BionicPIG is also known for his openness and honesty when addressing personal topics. He has used his platform to discuss mental health, share his experiences, and encourage others to seek help and support. He has collaborated with fellow content creators, both online and offline, bringing together diverse talents to create fun and engaging projects. Aaron’s collaborations have further expanded his reach and allowed him to explore new entertainment avenues.

BionicPIG’s impact extends beyond the digital realm. He has utilized his platform for charitable endeavors, participating in fundraisers and spreading awareness for various causes. Brown recognizes the importance of using his influence to make a positive difference in the world, inspiring others to do the same. As an entertainer, BionicPIG has overcome challenges, adapted to changing trends, and remained a relevant figure in the ever-evolving landscape of online media. His ability to connect with audiences, infectious humor, and willingness to share his personal journey has solidified his status as a prominent content creator.

BionicPIG Wife

Aaron is of multi-racial descent and is currently married. He married his wife Amy a few years ago, and the couple also has a son named Ezra.

Marital StatusMarried
Children1 Son – Ezra

Net Worth

Although BionicPIG has never revealed any information about his earnings, some sources have some information about the net worth of this YouTuber. They have noted that his net worth is around 200 thousand US Dollars. 

Net Worth$200k – $300k
Income SourceYoutube, Ads and Sponsorships


  • He loves dogs very much and has three pet dogs.
  • PigsForDays is his second channel. 
  • He is also famous for his series “The Worst of Instagram,” where he visits horrible Instagram accounts. 
  • Shorty began a new series, “Sing Review,” a parody of the meme review genre of content. In his “makes songs with stuff series,” he creates music and songs with different things and accessories.
  • Two years after uploading content to his current YouTube channel, he started to upload content for SoundCloud.
  • He has 24k followers on his Instagram account.


Who is BionicPIG? 

He is a very famous American YouTuber, Comedian, Musician, and Social Media Personality who is mostly famous for his commentary videos on other famous personalities.

How old is BionicPIG?

As of 2023, he is 29 years old.

What are the hobbies of BionicPIG?

Aaron Brown, who is also known as BionicPIG, has various hobbies such as reading books, traveling, and clicking photos.

Who is BionicPIG’s Wife?

We are absolutely certain that Aaron has openly reported about his wife and son. His wife’s name is Amy, and his son’s name is Ezra.

Has BionicPIG revealed his face?

Yes, BionicPIG has shown his face in his videos pretty often.

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