Drew Binsky Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth

Drew Binsky has come to be associated with travel, cultural discovery, and adventure. We might think Binsky is his Surname. However, he got a nickname from his Jewish Origin parents. As a prestigious YouTuber and virtual entertainment powerhouse, Drew has caught the hearts and psyches of millions all over the planet with his charming travel recordings, moving stories, and irresistible energy for finding new objections.

Drew’s adventures provided the inspiration for his rapidly expanding YouTube channel, whether he went backpacking across Europe or immersed himself in the vibrant streets of Southeast Asia. Regarding his social media presence, his Instagram handle has over 880 thousand followers. He is even present on TikTok and Facebook.

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Drew Binsky Age, Biography and Wiki

Real NameDrew Goldberg
Date of Birth24 May 1991
Age as of 202332 years
BirthplaceDallas, Texas, United States
Birth SignGemini

Height and Weight

As of 2023, he is 32 years old. Drew Binsky’s height is 6 feet and his weight is 68 kg.

HeightHeight in feet – 6 feet
Height in centimeters – 183 cm
Height in meters – 1.83 m
Weight68 kg
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown

Early Life 

Drew was born on the 24th of May, 1991, in Dallas, Texas but was raised in Scottsdale, Arizona. This guy generally had a profound interest in the planet past his old neighborhood. Since the beginning, he was attracted to finding out about various societies, customs, and dialects, energized by a craving to overcome any barrier between individuals from varying backgrounds.

Speaking of his educational qualification, he studied at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he graduated and earned a degree in Economics and Entrepreneurship. 

Moreover, he attended a study program in the Czech Republic in his junior year and attended the class for one semester. But equally, he traveled to twenty countries across Europe during this session. 


Drew’s excursion into the universe of movement and YouTube started during his school a very long time at the College of Wisconsin-Madison. He started his YouTube channel in 2012, on the 26th of July, appropriately titled “Drew Binsky,” as a way to tell the world about his travels, insights, and experiences.

Drew Goldberg’s (his full name) first video was where he tried to speak Czech. To date, his channel has completed the milestone of 3 million subscribers, and he is close to hitting 4 million. The total views on his 1 thousand videos have crossed the 800 million mark. The most-watched video is titled – “HE IS THE ICEMAN (Wim Hof)” with over 20 million views. Drew’s dedication to showcasing the people he meets along the way is one of the most notable aspects of his content.

At first, his recordings acquired unobtrusive consideration, yet it wasn’t some time before his irresistible enthusiasm, humor, and certified love for movement grabbed the eye of a more extensive crowd. Drew’s posts stand out because they are real and relatable. The cultural nuances and hidden gems that frequently go unnoticed are brought to light in his videos, which provide a unique perspective on the locations he visits.

Whether he is in difficult colorful road food in Thailand, partaking in day-to-day functions in Africa, or investigating old remnants in South America, Drew’s watchers are taken on an excursion that goes past the superficial vacationer experience. He aims to dispel preconceived notions and foster a deeper comprehension of various cultures through his interactions with locals. He has set a record by visiting almost every country on earth, and the number is close to 200.

His achievement was even noticed by the United Nations and Guinness World Record holders. He stresses the significance of building human connections, cultivating empathy, and challenging preconceived notions. His videos have received hundreds of millions of views and millions of subscribers to his YouTube channel.

Moreover, he has areas of strength on Instagram, where he shares staggering photographs and individual stories that further supplement his YouTube content. Drew’s influence extends beyond the realm of the digital. From supporting schooling projects in emerging nations to sorting out clean water crusades, Drew has reliably shown his obligation to have a beneficial outcome on the planet.

Drew Binsky Wife

He currently leads a married life with his spouse, Deanna Sallao. It has not been many days since they have been married because they were married in the year 2023. Therefore, they moved to Los Angels during the Pandemic and bought a house in Phoenix in 2021’s May. 

Marital StatusMarried
GirlfriendDeanna Sallao
WifeDeanna Sallao ​(m. 2023)​

Drew Binsky Net Worth 

Drew Binsky is thought to have a net worth of around 1.5 million US dollars at the moment. After looking at every possible aspect of his income, it has been estimated that his net worth is around 2 million US Dollars. This value is just an estimation of the sources, and the actual amount may vary significantly. 

Net Worth$1.5 to $2 million
Income SourceYoutube, Facebook, Ads and Sponsorships


  • This EDM music lover experienced something terrible while taking a picture of a kid sitting next to him in Chad.
  • He has produced several documentaries highlighting his global travels.
  • He became a full-time vlogger and traveler after quitting his teaching profession in 2015’s January. 
  • In 2019, Drew Binsky set a Guinness World Record for visiting Sovereign countries the fastest way possible.
  • He absolutely detests Brunei’s country during his first visit. However, on the 23rd of April 2023, he returned to visit it with a more positive perspective and approach. Also, 18 countries of Asia have been visited by him during this period. 
  • In the past, he had a blog channel named The Hungry Partier, but Binsky traded it with someone else and then came up with this new channel.
  • This massive scratch golfer and lover played and made tons of videos on this sport in dozens of countries. 
  • When the Pandemic hit the world, this world-famous traveler used to live with his girlfriend (now wife) in Manila while he was not traveling. 
  • He knows the Korean language and learned it while living in Korea, Seoul as an English teacher for two years. 
  • Drew knows Kate McCulley through traveling videos and Snapchat. 


Who is Drew Binsky?

Drew Binsky has come to be associated with travel, cultural discovery, and adventure. We might think Binsky is his Surname. However, he got a nickname from his Jewish Origin parents. 

How old is Drew Binsky? 

As of 2023, Drew is 32 years old.

How tall is Drew Binsky? 

His height is 6 feet.

Is Drew Binsky married?

Yes, he currently leads a married life with his spouse, Deanna Sallao.

How many countries has Drew Binsky hit as of now?

197 countries. 

Where is Drew Binsky from?

Phoenix, Arizona, United States

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