Fruitberries Face Reveal, Wiki, Age, Height, Girlfriend, Net Worth

Popularly known by the name of his channel, Fruitberries, originally named Josh, is considered one of the best present-day existing Youtubers in the community. He is popular due to his Minecraft videos. He is loved and praised highly in the Minecraft community for his excellent professional playing in PvP, wonderfully skilled trapping, and speed running.

Josh, better known as Fruit Berries, was born on 28th August 2002. He was born in Alberta, Canada. He is a pretty tall boy with a height of 1.91m, equivalent to 6ft 3 inches. He is a renowned YouTuber from Canada and has gained enormous love and following for his Minecraft gameplay videos and Twitch streams. His channel currently has over 590,000 subscribers. This famous Canadian YouTuber’s birth sign is Virgo. Virgos are known to be fiercely intelligent and responsible.

Fruitberries Face

fruitberries face reveal
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Age, Biography and Wiki

Real NameJosh
Date of Birth28th August 2002
Age as of 202321 years
BirthplaceAlberta, Canada
Birth SignVirgo

Early Life 

He was born in the 2000s is a GenZ YouTuber and is said to have very supportive parents. He currently lives in Canada and holds Canadian nationality. He is not the only child of his parents; He also has brothers. He grew up together with them. 

However, Fruit is very secretive about his private life. He prefers to keep the two separate and away from the limelight. So, little is known about his parents and brothers’ whereabouts, as he has chosen to keep these facts away from public view for privacy reasons. Despite being so popular at this young age, no details in particular regarding his private life have been brought to the knowledge of the public. 

No information relating to his educational qualifications has been leaked to the public, and no information is available regarding his graduation. He is said to have a job besides his YouTube channel. Besides enjoying and building a successful career on the YouTube platform, Fruit Berries also works a job alongside YouTube. 


He originally joined the Youtube platform back in 2016. During his initial days, he gained fame with his impressive capabilities to design and use traps in Hypixel UHC. Over the years, he gained much fame for his tactfulness and innovative ways and formed a vast Fandom for himself. His channel has over 174 videos and 80 million views at present!

He also has a Twitch account and has done many streams on Twitch, including Minecraft Saturdays, PvP, UHC, SMP Earth, and many more. He also won a Twitch Rivals Tournament with Krtzzy, Sapnap, TapL, IlluminaHD, Quig, JojoSolos, and Irushtheworld. 

He is also a competitor in MC championships known as Minecraft Tournament. He joined the Minecraft Championship in June of 2020 and has won 3 of them so far. At this very young age, he has already achieved so much. He has the record for the highest individual placement in a team of 10 places and 6th place in MCC20.

Most of the videos that he posts are concerned with portraying his trapping skills in UHC or Skywars. He has mastered building a quick trap and killing his enemy player. 

Fruitberries Girlfriend

Fruitberries is romantically involved in a relationship with a beautiful girl named- ‘Oversaltedcat.’ She is an animator, emote, and concept artist.

Marital StatusUnmarried

Net Worth

Fruitberries Net Worth at present is 400k to 500k dollars. His channel receives around 10k to 15k views daily. The average growth of his channel is 3% to 4% every month. His YouTube channel has an average monthly income of 1,100 to 1300 dollars and an annual income of 60,000 to 85,000 dollars. 

Net Worth$400k to $500k
Income SourceYoutube, Twitch donations, Ads and Sponsorships


  • According to a command on Josh’s Twitch chat list, it states him to be of 6 feet and 3 inches tall, but Illumina, who has met Fruit Berries and is also friends with him, claims that Fruit Berries and Illumina are of the same height, which is 6 feet. 
  • He has another job alongside his YouTube channel.
  • He is usually seen playing and appearing in his Minecraft skin. However, he posted a short video on TikTok performing his face reveal and letting his fans know him better.
  • He joined the YouTube community in 2016 with a Hypixel Skywars montage. 
  • He has also played in several MCC Championship Tournaments and won 3 of them so far. He is excellent friends with fellow YouTuber Illumina,’ also his roommate.
  • He is very active on Twitch, he has 231k followers on his Twitch account.


Who is Fruitberries?

Popularly known by the name of his channel, Fruitberries, originally named Josh, is considered one of the best present-day existing Youtubers in the community. 

What is Fruitberries real name?

His real name is Josh.

How old is Fruitberries?

As of 2023, he is 21 years old.

Who is Fruitberrie’s friends with?

Josh is friends and roommates with YouTuber Illumina’.

Is Fruitberries a good player?

He is a good player known for his speed running and trapping tactics. 

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