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One of the most soothing YouTube niches is the art and animation community. When you combine that with excellent commentary on art and social topics, you get the brilliant creation of Hopeless Peaches. With a bright and fun personality, this creator has been making art fun for students, minors, and professionals online. She has been active on your channel for the last seven years and also does live streaming on Twitch. Her videos include excellent graphics, splitting jokes, and wise insight on essential topics. 

Hopeless Peaches naturally has her own incomparable artistic style – it usually involves carefully created frames layered in time-lapse videos, which she illustrates on screen using her hands and tools. Most of her content is produced in a narrative style. She uses voice-over in many of her videos to further add depth and meaning to her work. 

Age, Biography and Wiki

Real NameRosie
NicknameHopeless Peaches
Date of Birth3 August 1999
Age as of 202324 years
Birth SignLeo

Early life

Hopeless Peaches was born on 3rd August 1999 as Rosie. She is one of the most popular YouTubers of her age, being just 24. She was born in Northwest England and is currently pursuing Mathematics in the UK. 

Apart from her art-oriented YouTube channel, she also has a discord server dedicated to mathematics, an Instagram account where she posts about her everyday life – parties, trips, etc. and a Twitter presence in which she writes down random thoughts and comments about different issues going around the world. 

Hopeless Peaches also has a fascinating Ko-Fi account that fans are very enthusiastic about following. Rosie has also worked as a commissioned artist through her late teen years. She has created content since she was 15, but those videos are no longer available to the public. 

Rosie has come out as a biromantic and an asexual individual. Significantly less has been known about her personal life, including her partner or her family. Rosie is not dating anyone publicly at the moment.


The Hopeless Peaches channel today has around 68 videos and 113k subscribers as of July 2023. Rosie started this channel on 17th May 2015. She does not have a designated day of the week on which she uploads content – while Peaches is active on the track, she prefers to keep it flexible. The first spurt of growth that the channel enjoyed was due to the video “Game Dev Tried to STEAL from Me| WORST Commission EVER.” Hopeless Peaches has a cute profile picture of an animated Rosie with yellow peach-like hair.

Hopeless Peaches has been through a lot of controversies—one of the major controversies that brought attention to this channel. Creepshow Art called her out more than once on Twitter as a person who was friends with her but later ‘spread lies’ about the creator. However, no proof was presented from her side to show her claims. She went as far as to call Hopeless Peaches a ‘suicide baiter’ and attacked one of the friends who helped Rosie when she almost attempted to unalive herself. 

Peaches also got involved in drama after she took Tobi’s side in the Omnia controversy. Omnia had leaked some personal chats between them and Tobi. Peaches asked Omnia to delete these chats, which was done. Peaches still continued to blame Omnia for this action, leading to wildfire among these creators. Rosie uploaded detailed responses to both situations, and Kai admitted that Omnia and they had fabricated evidence during the controversy.

Hopeless Peaches Net Worth

The total net value of her wealth and belongings of this YouTuber is believed to be 150k to 200k USD. Since she is a young creator dealing with college and young adult life right now, it can be assumed that she will continue to grow and become a successful creator by the time she completes her education. 

Apart from her YouTube channel, she also makes money from her art commissions and Twitch streaming.

Net Worth$150k – $200k
Income SourceYoutube, Ads and Sponsorships


  • Hopeless Peaches reached her first 100,000 subscribers on 23rd June 2021.
  • Her Twitter handles are @HopelessPeachesYT and @ThatRebelRosie.
  • Her Instagram ID is @hopeless_peaches.
  • The name Peaches originated from Rosie’s infatuation with Undertale. 


Who is Hopeless Peaches?

One of the most soothing YouTube niches is the art and animation community. When you combine that with excellent commentary on art and social topics, you get the brilliant creation of Hopeless Peaches. 

How old is Hopeless Peaches?

As of 2023, she is 24 years old.

What is Hopeless Peaches’ real name?

Hopeless Peaches’ real name is Rosie.

Does Hopeless Peaches have a boyfriend?

Information is not available about the dating life of Hopeless Peaches. She is not in a relationship with anyone publicly at the moment. 

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