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Kson Onair is an inspiration in herself who has displayed the ability to stand tall against all prejudice, allegations, and rumors thrown her way. Onair is a female streamer and YouTuber who joined the gaming community in 2017, back when it was a highly male-dominated industry. She is also known for her nicknames, including Aneki, Kumichou, Souchou, Daikou, etc. 

Kson Onair faced a lot of discrimination and doubted that her competitors showed her ability just because she was a girl. At the same time, she also had to face unreasonable and unwanted attention from men who refused to see gaming as an activity and not a sexual trait. Despite all the criticism she faced, Onair persevered and today has inspired a new generation of gamers who want to make a space for themselves in the YouTube industry despite being young women. 

Kson Onair is a fantastic creator who has streamed every game Under the Sun, including the mother simulator, shadow corridor, cooking simulator, human rocket person, vampire survivors, Yakuza, etc. Illustrator Yaman designed her 2021 model character, her Live2D model artist is Kanbutsu Himono, and Niihaosanpei models the Chibi Model. When her modern character was updated in 2023, it was designed by illustrator Isuka Syumi, Live2D by KevinX, and the 3D Model or 3D Idol costume was by Pomp-chou.

Kson Face Reveal

Kson Onair face reveal
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Kson Onair Wiki

Kson Onair is a Japanese-American creator born on the 8th of June. According to her testimony, however, she likes to believe that her birthday is on the 93rd of August, technically the 1st of November. 93rd of August means 8/93, which refers to the yakuza number 893. Also concerning this, she even claims that her height is 189.3 cm. This self-proclaimed 22-year-old creator, Kumichou, is originally about 152 cm tall, which is equivalent to 4 feet and 11 inches. 

She was raised in Dunwoody, Georgia but currently resides in Tokyo, Japan. Very little is known about her family and siblings. Though, as per the description she has written in the channel Description Of her YouTube and Twitter account, she claims to be from Atlanta, she does so because, quoting her own words, “No one knows where the fuck Dunwoody is.”

However, she has often referred to her roommate and best friend Pajako, a nickname given to her due to her love of wearing pajamas. It is funny how she could not speak fluent Japanese when she first moved to Japan, having lived in America all her life. 

But fans have noticed that her Japanese has become much more fluent, and she enjoys the language more than ever. Some people call her by the name of “Dragon.” The truth is that most of the information about Onair cannot be wholly confirmed because the creator has clearly stated that she loves to be as constitutional and private as possible. 


Kson Onair joined YouTube on the 17th of March, 2017. She has also made a beautiful presence on the Twitch stream platform. She has over 400 videos on her YouTube channel and needs a proper schedule for uploading videos. She is almost always active on her channel. On the 10th of February 2018, Kson hosted the Niconico Toukaigi live event. Later that year, her costume at the event appeared as Kson’s 3D live model character’s costume during the VR games. 

During 2019, she continued to upload videos and stream on Niconico Douga. She even appeared on her YouTube by using a VTuber, Avatar. On the 21st of August 2020, Kson streamed on YouTube, celebrating her achievement of 100,000 subscribers on her channel with her fans. It was on the 5th of October 2021 when she announced her official debut on the 16th of October the same year. 

On that re-debut date, she revealed her new Model and announced the release of her upcoming merchandise. To use as an alternative to her normal character, Kson released a new model of chibi-style on the 25th of December. The new Model had at least two different sets of clothes, various facial expressions, and numerous hairstyles. This model possesses a  classy pair of glasses and even a hand. It was also stated that Chibi Kson adopts a father-daughter relationship with the viewers.

To celebrate her one-year anniversary on October 16th, Kson held a 3D concert. On the following date, the 17th of October, at midnight, Kson’s first-ever original song, “YOUR DREAMS NEVER END,” was released. On the 18th of January 2022, Kson announced her original 3D Model’s retirement. Owing to the difficulty in balancing her stream schedules on three different platforms, including YouTube, Twitch, and Mildom, she announced, on the 11th of May, that she would cease to stream on Mildom after the month ends.

On the 10th of June, she announced the debut new 3D model, to be done on the 26th of June. Besides revealing the 3D Model, she also announced about revealing a Live2D outfit on the 13th of July and an upcoming 3D music video on the 29th of June of the same year. The subsequent year, in 2023, on the 29th of January, she did a YouTube stream to reveal her new Model.


In 2020, while mentioning the names of the countries her channel viewers were from, Kson acknowledged Taiwan’s existence as a country among them. It angered Chinese nationalists. Since ANY COLOR, Nijisanji’s parent company depends a lot upon Chinese investment, they wanted to avoid facing a significant adverse impact on the company’s stability by letting their Vtubers be friends with Kson. Her reputation among the Chinese Nationalists became even more controversial after Kson’s recent trip to Taiwan.

In November 2022, during a stream, Kson revealed that even though she is friends with numerous VTubers in Nijisanji, they cannot collaborate. Forwarding in time, A recent controversy highlighted that Coco Kiryu and Onair had similar voices and production styles. It has got fans speculating about the character behind the scenes.


  • Kson Onair streams in both English and Japanese.
  • While Onair is primarily a virtual YouTuber, she loves cosplaying and creating skits that viewers can catch on her other platforms.
  • Kson Onair debuted in Nico Nico Douga in the year 2018.
  • Her nickname or title, Kumichou, is a Japanese word meaning boss, particularly a yakuza boss.
  • Onair’s favorite hobby is cosplaying, which includes creating clothing from scratch and acting on different pieces.
  • She has also stated that she is especially good at sewing and thus sews her cosplay outfits independently. 
  • Kson Onair has many interests apart from gaming, which includes doing voiceovers, acting, music, and even dancing. 
  • She even auditioned for the role of a hostess in the creation Yakuza 7 side story: the man who erased his name and reached the level of a finalist.
  • Even when she has declared that she doesn’t like makeup, Onair looks perfect in her white spectacles, straight black hair, and clear skin look. 
  • She has an on-screen Avatar inspired by the anime character Yamato Nadeshiko who resembles her very well in real life.
  • In Trash Taste’s podcast, she was joined on the 22nd of January, 2022. The popular Ironmouse show Speak of the Devil’s episode ten’s guest was Kson Onair.
  • Projekt Melody’s huge fan Onair collaborated with them on the 12th of November 2021. 
  • APEX Legends game was played by her and her two close friends, Guutara and Rika, in 2021’s November. 
  • She is a kind-hearted Vtuber who once donated equipment to a smaller streamer after earthquake damage. 
  • She has played Ultimate Chicken Horse and Phasmophobia with her friends Tomari Mari, Guutara, and Amano Pikamee. 
  • The two emoticons which are known to be her most used and favorite emojis include a pizza (????), her favorite food, and the middle finger (????).
  • She has 750k followers on her Twitter account.

Fandom Naming 

Before the 16th of August 2021, i.e., the date of her re-debut, Kson’s fans were referred to as the Kson-gumi Kouseiin, meaning Kson’s associates. After she made her re-debut, she re-named her fans and called them: Kson-gumi Shin’eitai, meaning Kson’s bodyguards, elite guards, and imperial guards.

The fans of Kson who joined her Tire 1 Membership on YouTube were referred to as the Kanbukai. After some time, when the Kson stopped streaming and suspended her Mildom channel memberships, she created a Tier 2 Membership for her YouTube channel fans, and the ones who joined were called the Teppoudama.


Who is Kson Onair?

Kson Onair is a female streamer and YouTuber who is an inspiration in herself and has displayed the ability to stand tall against all prejudice, allegations, and rumors thrown her way.

What is Kson real name?

Kson Onair

How old is Kson Onair?

As of 2023, Kson Onair is 22 years old.

How tall is Kson Onair?

Kson Onair’s height is 6 feet 2 inches(189.3 cm).

What is Onair’s favorite anime?

Ksor Onair’s anime is Naruto.

How old is Kson?

Kson’s age is 22 years old as of 2023.

How tall is Kson?

Kson’s height is 6 feet 2 inches.

Where is Kson from?

Tokyo, Japan

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