Let’s Game it Out Face Reveal, Wiki, Real Name, Age, Net Worth

Gaming content has been an integral part of online content creation to date and the audience loves watching their favorite streamers or content creators playing various video games. Similarly, Let’s Game it Out is a famous American YouTuber and social media influencer who is known for his hilarious content along with gaming on YouTube. He has played various video games such as Planet Zoo, Satisfactory, and many more.

Coming to his Social Media Handles, this famous American YouTuber has over 69 thousand followers on his Twitter handle and over 8 thousand followers on Facebook. He even has a TikTok profile where he connects with his fans and uploads engaging content.

Early Life

Although the channel was previously handled by two people, at present, it is only owned by Josh Knoles. Josh Knoles who is better known online as Let’s Game it Out was born in the year 1983. He has not revealed his exact date of birth yet. The famous YouTuber has also refrained from sharing any personal information. 

Neither there is any information available regarding his education, nor there is any information about his parents. He even kept his love life private just like many other YouTubers. 


At first, when this channel was created, it was owned by two people – Josh Knoles and Anthony. But in the year 2018, Josh had announced that Anthony was leaving the channel and there was no reason stated for this decision. Since then, Anthony has not returned to host any more game shows on the channel. The channel was launched on the 17th of November, 2016 by both Josh Knoles and Anthony. They together worked very hard to make the channel what it is today. 

At present the channel has over 5.22 million subscribers which is truly a milestone that many people dream to achieve. It was their joint effort to take the channel to such heights until 2018 when Anthony left the channel. At present the channel is solely run and managed by Josh who mostly plays simulator-type games. To make the content more funny, Josh plays those games in the most incorrect way possible. 

The first ever video which was uploaded on the channel was a small video of the game – Inside. The title of the video was – “Inside – Part 1 – Mimes – Let’s Game it Out” which was uploaded on the 5th of September, 2017, and currently has over 230 thousand views and 5 thousand likes. The video with the highest popularity was uploaded on 28 January 2020. The video goes with the title – “I Built a Theme Park of Perpetual Torment in Planet Coaster” which has over 34 million views and 490 thousand likes. 

At present Josh is a full-time YouTuber and has dedicated himself to growing the channel to great heights. Despite his larger-than-life virtual persona, Josh remains humble and connected to his audience. While he is unafraid to poke fun at his own virtual escapades, he is also candid about the challenges and creative hurdles he encounters. 

This transparency further endears him to his viewers, reminding them that even in the world of absurdity, authenticity still matters. This interactive approach blurs the line between content creator and audience, creating a shared space where laughter and gaming collide.


Josh is married. Although he never revealed his wife’s name, we came to know that she wears glasses. 

Marital StatusMarried
WifeWill update

Let’s Game it Out Net Worth 

Keeping various factors such as huge followers on Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube, various viral videos, and many more, his net worth has been estimated to something around 5 to 6 million US Dollars. 

This is just an estimation from various data sources but actually, the real net worth may be much more than this.

Net Worth$5 million to $6 million
Income SourceTwitch, Youtube, Ads and Sponsorships


  • Josh does not like to shave quite often.
  • Josh claims to be lactose intolerant.
  • Josh’s favorite animal is the Giraffe.
  • He has 70k followers on his Twitter account.


Who is Let’s Game it Out?

Let’s Game it Out is a famous American YouTuber and social media influencer who is known for his hilarious content along with gaming on YouTube. 

How old is Let’s Game it Out? 

Let’s Game it Out aka Josh Knoles is around 40 years old. 

What is Let’s Game it Out real name?

His real name is Josh Knoles.

What is the ethnicity of Let’s Game it Out?

Josh Knoles, aka Let’s Game it Out is half American and half Asian. 

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