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An amazingly unknown but fascinating YouTube niche is the Automotive YouTube – and it is only possible to talk about automotive on YouTube by talking about Mat Armstrong. A primary name in the digital cotton creation platform related to automobiles, Armstrong used to be a professional BMX rider who started his own channel to bring the joy of riding to potential enthusiasts from different walks of life.

Mat Armstrong has made a name for himself through his clever dealings with luxury cars and sports rides. Owing to his age and capabilities is quite a legend among other commentators, automotive YouTubers, and even some celebrities. He has one of the highest following counts in this genre. Several journal interviews, online blogs, commentaries, etc., have been written about him. Armstrong has his own website. Even though his primary passion has always been automotive and BMXing, he is often referred to as something of a youth motivator.

Mat Armstrong
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Age, Biography and Wiki

Real NameMat Armstrong
Date of Birth11th June 1993
Age as of 202330 years
BirthplaceLeicester, England, United Kingdom
Birth SignGemini

Early life

Mat Armstrong saw this world for the first time on 11th June 1993. He was born in Leicester. He has lived and studied in the UK all his life. It is known to the public that Armstrong saw his parents separate when he was very young, which also put him in a financial ditch ever since he was a minor. His father, Tony Armstrong, remarried a woman named Karen Key. 

As his father was a simple mechanic, Mat had to work odd jobs from a very young age. Armstrong also loved playing football when he was a young teenager. Since his exposed and adventurous life brought him close to new pastures now and then, Armstrong found the world of BMXing quite quickly. He started putting more effort into this hobby. 

His main passion was performing BMX tricks. At the same time, he kept pursuing his schooling and graduated from Lutterworth College in the country. His sister has been lovingly named Holly Michelle Armstrong.

Mat Armstrong finished his schooling when he was 16—rejecting all other career options, he chose to ride his BMX bike as a professional. He would have continued on this path had he not started his YouTube channel soon after, which also brought him the fame, exposure, and direct opening into the automotive business world that he would have otherwise passed out on. 

Mat found sponsorship in the giant name Maddy Gear MGP and, under them, competed in many professional BMX competitions not only in England but also across the world. Early exposure to the world of mechanics through his father’s work brought him additional knowledge about this field. For the next four years, Mat did not only perform as a BMXer but also coached other performers in Dubai. 


Mat Armstrong started his YouTube career while still working as a professional BMX champion on 7th April 2013. His early videos mainly focused on him teaching different BMX tricks and tactics to viewers. But since he had a lot of knowledge about cars in general, he would also make random videos about the luxury and sports cars he would come across during his championships. 

His YouTube channel at this period of his life mainly served as a portfolio that he could send out to competitions and sponsors to show his professional capabilities, skills, and sincerity. He also gained a substantial following being a part-time YouTuber during this period. Soon, however, came the end of his BMX life when he dislocated his shoulder while executing the 720 tailwhip at the Germany BMX World Championships. 

While he still qualified for the final round, he could not participate due to his injury. The injury never completely healed, which forced him to stop being a rider. For a while, he went around performing part-time jobs and creating YouTube videos side by side. Armstrong also got jobs at motor dealerships and even worked as a social media handler. 

Mat gained his first popularity when he rebuilt his girlfriend’s Audi TT after she crashed it. Then he bought a crashed Bentley Continental GT for 10000 pounds and renovated it. This video got him a high-value YouTube sponsorship. He finally quit his job at Graham Goode Motors and became a professional YouTuber. 

Mat Armstrong Girlfriend

Mat Armstrong’s girlfriend’s name is Hannah Smith.

Marital StatusUnmarried
GirlfriendHannah Smith

Mat Armstrong Net Worth

Over the years, Armstrong has had several different income streams, although his primary income right now is through sponsorships and ad revenues on his YouTube channel. He has also been able to earn quite a lot through some commission rebuilds. 

The total net worth of his career and earnings is assumed to be 2 to 2.5 million USD. His monthly income is considered to be around 15000 to 30000 USD.

Net Worth2 Million – 2.5 Million USD
Income SourceYoutube, Ads and Sponsorships


  • Armstrong initially draws a Ford Fiesta to deliver food as a delivery boy at 17. He later chose a Volkswagen Lupo and switched to it. He worked at an Indian restaurant, Spice 45.
  • The first motor dealership he got work at was Graham Goode Motors.
  •  Armstrong loved tinkering and customizing his cars as well as that of his friends.
  • He invested in his first real estate project at the age of 21. He renovated, refinanced, and then tenanted this property. Back then, his main aim was to become a property investor.
  • Currently, Armstrong has about 1.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. 
  • He has 265k followers on his Instagram account.


Who is Mat Armstrong?

Mat Armstrong is a YouTuber who has made a name for himself through his clever dealings with luxury cars and sports rides.

How old is Mat Armstrong?

As of 2023, he is 30 years old.

How much is Mat Armstrong’s net worth?

Mat Armstrong’s net worth is believed to be 2 to 2.5 million USD.

Where is Mat Armstrong from?

Leicester, England, United Kingdom

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