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Web animation is the next upcoming thing in the near future. Its craze has increased a lot in the past few years. On the internet, you will find a huge number of content creators who have started web animation as the prime part of their content, and MrSpherical is such a content creator. Actually, this YouTube channel is owned by one person but is managed by a team. 

Olivier Gilpin created this channel, which Álvaro Calmet mostly managed. This channel is mostly famous for animation videos with a hint of a comedic approach. There is not much information available about the social media handles. There is a Tik Tok handle and a discord server where the fans get to know about any news and can connect with the channel team or the creator.

MrSpherical Wiki

Since Álvaro Calmet largely manages this channel, we assume that he currently owns this channel. To date, there is no information regarding his date of birth. The only information about his origin is that he is from Peru, South America.

No details are available about his family or siblings. Even information about his education is also unknown to his fans. He has always been quiet about his personal life. Since childhood, he picked up an interest in animation and later decided to pursue a career in this field.


Although Oliver Gilpin created the channel on the 31st of August, 2021, the channel is mostly managed by Álvaro Calmet. Although we are not exactly sure about the channel’s ownership, we assume that Álvaro Calmet is currently the owner. As mentioned above, this channel was created two years back in the year 2021, but this channel has risen to great heights in the past two years. To date, this channel has over 1.5 million subscribers.

MrSpherical’s fans have been loving the videos and the content creator’s comedic approach. Although they had to work hard to grow their channel, they have reached great heights. The first video that was uploaded on the channel was a small video of his Countryballs series where Afghanistan and Britain were depicted in the form of two balls. The title of the video was – “Afghanistan Yeets The British Empire | Countryballs.” This video was uploaded on the 31st of August 2021, with over 740 thousand views to date.

Many such videos have gone viral, but the video with the most views on the channel was uploaded on the 24th of May, 2022. The video was titled – “My Best Friend, Ukraine.” It was a parody video regarding the relations between Russia and Ukraine when they were at war.

To date, the video has gathered over 7.4 million views. Even 200 thousand people liked the video. Although this channel was created a few days back, the team has worked very hard to grow the channel. They have also collaborated with numerous YouTubers, such as PWA and Drew Durnil, resulting in a huge increase in their subscribers.

Net Worth

The owner of the channel – MrSpherical, has never revealed their actual income. But some sources have estimated their net worth to be around 300 thousand US Dollars to 400 thousand US Dollars.

It is quite a commendable achievement looking at the subscriber count and the number of videos they managed to foster such a good net worth.

Net Worth$300k – $400k
Income SourceYoutube, Ads and Sponsorships


  • His video is available in various dubbed languages such as German, French, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Korean, and many more.
  • They launched a spinoff project named – SolarBalls in June 2022.
  • He has 1.52 Million subscribers on his Youtube channel.


Who is MrSpherical?

On the internet, you will find a huge number of content creators who have started web animation as the prime part of their content, and MrSpherical is such a content creator.

How old is MrSpherical?

As of now, there are no solid sources who can confirm the age of MrSpherical.

When did the channel achieve 1 million subscribers?

The channel achieved the milestone of 1 million subscribers on the 25th of August, 2022.

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