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Razbuten is a gaming-related video creator of American origin. His channel started to explore more about video games more. He created videos mainly trying famous titles that he had passed over. He plays different types of games undertaking new genres and exploring what playing is like. He also scouts different themes that he finds fascinating. He has covered different topics from Avator: The Last Airbenger to The Legend of Korra and from Kendrick Lamar verses to the musical Hamilton. 


Early life

There isn’t much about his personal life revealed over the internet except that he is an American.


On May 17th, 2010, the Razbuten YouTube channel was started. However, videos came to his channel on November 19th, 2013. The track now has over 757k subscribers and has crossed over a total of 70 million views. He often uploaded different kinds of videos. One of the most infamous series on his channel was “Gaming For A Non-Gamer.” In these series, he covered and showcased what he figured out gaming is considered by people who are not into gaming. 

“The Game Design Bundle” is yet another of his YouTube series, which includes short videos that inspect a variety of game designs that he is or is not fond of. In his “The Growing Up Is Weird Bundle,” he goes into more detail, examining different kinds of games and some which he has been trying since childhood. There is also a series called “The Music Bundle” where he tries out different music and sometimes musicians like Kendrick Lamar. He has covered both Avator: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra; he has a series called “The Avator Bundle.” 

He tried out different genres and kinds of video games. Eventually, he becomes accustomed to other types of Characters and also likes them. In his “Likeable Video Game Characters,” he used to review characters from various video games he was fond of. “The Writing Bundle Series” was a highly detailed analysis of the scripts in video games. It covered the game’s tale, the protagonists and characters, and the pacing of the overall representation of the game. 

His first video on YouTube was “Top 10 Video Game Characters To Impress”. This video was uploaded nine years ago on November 19th, 2013, and has gotten over 41,000 views and over 2,000 likes. The most successful video on his channel, “What Games Are Like For Someone Who Doesn’t Play Games,” was uploaded three years ago on September 29th, 2019, and has over 13 million views and 666k likes. 

Razbuten Wife

He has not revealed anything about his relationships or love life. Razbuten is currently known to be single and is not dating anyone. His focus is constant on his career right now.  

Net Worth 

The primary sources of finances for Razbuten are his YouTube channel and sponsors. As per sources, the net worth of Razbuten is estimated to be around $200k to $300k.

Net Worth$200k – $300k
Income SourceYouTube, Ads and Sponsorships


  • People once assumed a clip of his acquaintance Jacob to be his face revealed while reading his ad, and later he had to clear the queries through a tweet.
  • He is also on Twitter under the name of @theRazbuten and @OnceUponARoll_.
  • Currently, his YouTube channel has 78 videos.


Who is Razbuten?

He is a gaming-related video creator of American origin. His channel started to explore more about video games more. He created videos mainly trying famous titles that he had passed over. 

How old is Razbuten?

As of 2023, his age has not been revealed.

Is Razbuten still active on YouTube?

Yes, he still uploads on his YouTube.

Has Razbuten revealed his face?

Razbuten is yet to reveal his face.

Is Razbuten on Twitch?

Yes, Razbuten is available on Twitch under the name “razbuten.”

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