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ReviewtechUSA is one of the biggest creators in the hardcore gaming and tech industry and also happens to be one of the oldest creators on the platform for this particular niche. He started out this channel testing and reviewing different electrical and electronic devices, including some high-end technical plugins and add-ons. 

He has also created some videos on new and emerging software, TV updates, and new models for the same. However, most of his content revolves around streaming games and talking about many things – some of which have also sparked controversies over the years. Being an older creator, he has also faced backlash from younger community members who have shown disappointment in him in important socio-political areas.

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Age, Biography and Wiki

Real NameRichard Masucci
Date of Birth15th July 1981
Age as of 202342 years
BirthplaceUnited States
Birth SignCancer

Early Life

Richard Masucci is a 42-year-old youtuber and gaming journalist who was born on 15th July 1981. He loves creating gaming news and commentary videos where he places his voice-over content on gameplay footage. Before he started his career as a YouTuber, Masucci worked many odd jobs and was even a manager at Staples. 

Rich has a brother, Zachary Masucci, who also has a YouTube channel and often makes guest appearances on ReviewtechUSA. His father, Lewis Masucci Sr, was an electrical engineer, and his mother, Roseanne Tunno Masucci, was employed at Q-search. Rich goes to the gym in his free time. His grandmother passed in 2016.


Apart from streaming games for YouTube content, ReviewtechUSA is also famous for its Twitch live-streaming content. He started his YouTube channel on 22nd November 2008. He began with tech device reviews and gaming but then further diversified his content to vlogs and news related to his industry. He boasts of a content library of 4000 videos uploaded on his channel and updates one video almost every single day. He has also done many reviews on laptops and new game releases and tried out for systems like PlayStations and Xboxes. 

His most viewed video is titled ‘Father Forces Kid To Smash His Xbox After He Gets Bad Grades.’ Even after that, he has created many videos providing his opinions on other content on the internet. He also makes videos on more objective gaming news. ReviewtechUSA has a second channel titled RTUStreams which is reserved predominantly for live streams. This channel was created on 18th November 2014 and has about 100 videos at present.

Richard has been involved in a number of accusations and controversies in the past. He was dragged into the dirt by YouTube BlackBusterCritic for asking his followers for money to buy a Sony HDR CX260V. He was accused of ‘e-begging ‘ even though he promised to and succeeded in returning the money back. He was also called ‘stupid’ by the president of Sony (Shuhei Yoshida) for saying that online versions of PS4 or Xbox One games were 720p and not 1080p to prevent lagging. 

He once borrowed a computer from another YouTuber (BigCheeseVG), from whom he promised a six-month channel advertisement and 200 USD to help his sick wife. But Richard decided to return the computer early and did not continue with the advertisement or pay the money. He later apologized and completed his promise.

ReviewtechUSA Wife

He is engaged to Lauren Baldanza Giacomelli. Lauren has four children from her previous marriage and a child with Richard – who has been named Matthew Giacomelli Masucci.

ReviewtechUSA Net Worth

It is believed that Richard’s net worth is about 5 million USD. However, some sources claim that his net worth can be as high as 10 million USD, while others calculate that it is shallow, i.e., 1050 000 USD. 

However, we must remember that Richard has been creating content for over a decade and has received many sponsorships and profitable deals.


  • On 14th December 2016, ReviewtechUSA revealed that he plans to stop live streaming on Twitch and stick to his YouTube channel for live streaming content as well.
  • The ReviewtechUSA And Red Podcast was started by Richard and Liana Kerzner in March 2017. It was abandoned in October 2018, along with any other live recording showing his face. 
  • Rich received a lot of backlash for stopping all contact that showed his face. Some Patreon users even wanted their subscriptions refunded. But he finally decided to abandon this idea and go back to his usual content style. 
  • RLM Cop channel originally had content by Rich that wasn’t related to technology or gaming, such as his Hip hop music.
  • Richard was stalked extensively in 2006, during which period he started receiving calls from someone calling themselves Ralph. The person called about 20 times a day, asking him to meet Ralph and get a beverage, such as coffee, with him. This person was a patient at the psychiatric office where Rich was working. 
  • He has a dedicated group of trolls called ‘The Big Cheese Crusaders.
  • He has 61k followers on his Twitter account.


Who is ReviewtechUSA?

ReviewtechUSA is one of the biggest creators in the hardcore gaming and tech industry and also happens to be one of the oldest creators on the platform for this particular niche. 

How old is ReviewtechUSA?

As of 2023, he is 42 years old.

What is ReviewtechUSA’s real name?

His real name is Richard Masucci.

Is ReviewtechUSA married?

Richard is not married yet but is engaged and in a long-term relationship with his fiance Lauren Baldanza Giacomelli.

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