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Simple Living Alaska is a lifestyle vlogging channel on YouTube hosted by a duo of YouTubers who live together in the everyday harsh conditions of Alaska. The Simple Living Alaska couple are named Eric and Arielle. Content on lifestyle has been famous ever since blogs came into existence. These videos can be beneficial as they provide detailed insights into people’s lives worldwide and the different tactics that day employ to make their life safe and fun. 

Especially the lives of people who live in extreme weather conditions, such as in the desert or the perennially snowy mountains, can be extraordinary in terms of both entertainment and informational content. They indeed focus on a simple lifestyle and try to stay as connected with nature as possible. They enjoy the challenges of Living in this extraordinary place and document everything that becomes a part of their life. They have received both internet praise and criticism for being who they are and making the choices that they have made. 

Simple Living Alaska
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Simple Living Alaska Wiki

The Simple Living Alaska channel is hosted by a couple named Eric and Arielle. They live in Willow, Alaska, in the United States. They have even provided their PO Box address to the fans, and this is as follows: Simple Living Alaska, PO Box 506, Willow, AK 99688.

While their past life is quite a mystery, fans know a lot about how this couple started their life in this remote location. The duo is credited with having worked straight from Oregon to Alaska -2500 miles – to reach the town of Willow. They aimed to leave behind the shallow pleasures of urban life and discover nature at its finest. They were able to claim a beautiful cabin surrounded by a forest in South Central Alaska. 

They started a new life from the financial liquidation of their existing house, land and other positions. Not only do they have a love of nature that has drawn them to this lifestyle, but they also have a far similar affinity for outdoor activities, farm life, etc. 

This couple spends most of the time outdoors cooking, camping, farming, etc. They have started their own establishment of chickens, bees, and critters out there in Alaska. Today, they have a strong following of learners and a community of people living the same lifestyle.


Eric and Arielle created their YouTube channel Simple Living Alaska on 10th April 2018. They are active on this YouTube channel and have over 300 videos now. They publish videos every one or two times a week. Their focus lies not only on a natural and organic lifestyle but also on an environmentally sustainable one. Eric is currently 33 years old, and Arielle is 31 years old. They created content full of DIY tips and everyday vlogs of the new tasks they are facing.

Their website,, mentions how they face ‘everyday challenges and constantly evolve’ while creating their own food from nature itself. They have made several segments on their channel: Forage, Grow, Harvest, Preserve, Savor, Create, Sustain, Explore, and Thrive. These are meant to depict the different aspects of their natural lifestyle.

Simple Living Alaska Net Worth

The couple is believed to have a net worth of 1.5 to 2 million USD as of 2023. Most of this comes from the YouTube channel, which is almost always a hit. 

They also receive both social and financial support for their lifestyle on their Facebook page SimpleLivingAlaska. They are believed to make somewhere between 100,000 USD to 120000 USD a year.

Net Worth1.5 to 2 million USD
Income SourceYouTube, Ads and Sponsorships


  • He has an Etsy shop where they sell and create commissioned handmade tie-dye T-shirts. 
  • There have been recent rumors that Arielle might be pregnant, but nothing has been confirmed.
  • Eric and Arielle are a couple but are not traditionally married.
  • He is famous for recipes like smoked Alaskan salmon, homemade tomato sauce, kefir cheese, and Yoghurt.


Who is Simple Living Alaska?

Simple Living Alaska is a lifestyle vlogging channel on YouTube hosted by a duo of YouTubers who live together in the everyday harsh conditions of Alaska. 

Who are the Simple Living Alaska duo?

The Simple Living Alaska couple are named Eric and Arielle.

How old are Eric and Arielle Simple Living Alaska?

As of 2023, Eric is 36 years old and Arielle is 33 years old.

When did the Simple Living Alaska channel start?

His channel started out in 2018.

Where does the Simple Living Alaska couple live?

The Simple Living Alaska duo lives in Willow, Alaska, in the United States.

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