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Popularly known by the name WingsofRedemption or Richard Samuel Jordan, originally named Richard McCraty Samuel “Jordie” Jordan, was born on the 21st of April 1986 in Conway, South Carolina, in The United States. He is an American YouTuber known for gaming, streaming, and as a former Call of Duty commentator. During his initial days, his nuanced commentary and gaming gained him enormous popularity within a minimal period. 

During his early YouTube days, he was extremely popular among the people for his Call of Duty commentary; the gaming commentary’s pioneer, WingsofRedemption, even used to host his podcast with other famously known YouTubers on the platform then.

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Age, Biography and Wiki

Real NameJordie McCraty Jordan
Date of Birth21 April 1986
Age as of 202337 years
BirthplaceUnited States
Birth SignTaurus

Height and Weight

As of 2023, he is 37 years old. WingsofRedemption’s height is 5 feet 11 inches and his weight is 197 kg or 435 lbs.

HeightHeight in feet – 5 feet 11 inches
Height in centimeters – 180 cm
Height in meters – 1.80 m
Weight197 kg
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown

Early life

WingsofRedemption allegedly said that he was born to underage parents who had incestuous relationships among themselves, and thus, he was, instead of his parents, raised by his grandparents. His father is unknown, as he decided to leave the Jordan family when Jordie was a 2-year-old.

When Jordie was a school student, he was of averagely average weight and was physically quite active. However, things started to go down when a foreign exchange student attended his school and won over him in numerous athletic competitions. Jodie thought increasing his calorie intake would help him grow faster, gain more energy, and thus make him stronger. Following this, he would overeat. But this did not help; instead, it only made him overweight. 

He once suffered a head injury due to being stuck by a baseball bat. However, he made a full recovery from that skull injury. Though it has not been conclusively proven, it was theorized that this skull injury he had suffered had a negative impact on his cognitive abilities.

He used to get bullied by his mates in school due to the physical Bowleggedness that he suffered in his childhood. This frequent and continuing bullying by his peers that he had suffered in his school days eventually resulted in him developing bipolar disorder, social anxiety, and, as he grew up, depression. Jordie failed twice in his ninth standard and dropped out while he was in high school.

Jordie has a brother named Kenneth, and when they were teenagers, they moved to live with their mother. Jordie even took up multiple jobs as a teen. He worked at The Movie Gallery, IGA, Domino’s, etc., not until he got a job at a company named Metglas, Inc., where he was hired as a crane operator.

After being laid off by Metglas during the financial crisis in the United States, his friend, Z7TaylorZ7, introduced him to the extensive world of YouTube. It was the turning point or critical moment of Jordie’s career when he started to rethink his career choice. Thus, he created a YouTube account on the 26th of January 2008 with the name WingsofRedemption, giving a kick start to his career as a Streamer YouTuber.


In October 2009, the first video as a Call of Duty commentator was uploaded on Jordie’s official YouTube channel. At that time, gaming commentary was a relatively new thing and thus got popularized soon. After receiving a shout-out from a famous Call of Duty commentator, his subscribers quickly boosted and reached sky-high. Soon enough, he got into a contract with the multichannel network company Machinima, adding more to his successful career. 

WingsofRedemption has collaborated with some big names in Call of Duty commentary and the YouTube community, including WoodysGamertag and FPSKyle (FPSRussia). Jordie and the two of them launched the PainKiller Already Podcast, which he would host for the following years before ultimately getting kicked out of it. Hoping for success, he shifted to Twitch in 2019 and began streaming there. However, not long after, he had to return to YouTube after his partnership was terminated as he violated Twitch Exhibit D. Jordie even reached the Billionaire’s Challenge tournament finals in 2011 but ultimately lost it to xJawz. 

WingsofRedemption Wife

In mid-2013, Jordie shared a video where he stated that his girlfriend, whom he was then dating, Brandy, had deserted him, which worsened his depression even more. This video brought him across a lot of mockery and criticism.

WingsofRedemption Net Worth 

Though his actual net worth of Jordie is not known yet, WingsofRedemption estimated net worth is expected to be $400k to $500k. Although Jordie has not revealed any information about his income and net worth to his audience, some sources have estimated that the value is around 500 thousand US Dollars, given that he has only been contributing content to YouTube for the past 2 years.

Net Worth$400k – $500k
Income SourceYoutube, Ads and Sponsorships


  • He had over 450k subscribers on YouTube and approximately 230k followers on his banned Twitch channel.
  • Jordie is on the verge of a fighting career where his first fight is fixed with boogie2988.
  • Jordie was once inspected during his ongoing live in 2018
  • He was taken from a famous pharaoh, diety, Tutankhamun, which means, “Death shall come on swift wings to him who disturbs the peace of the king.”
  • Jordie claims he is not very fond of the Call of Duty Franchise and continues playing it for viewership gains.
  • A meme regarding Jordie’s name Richard Jordan comes from a man named the same and counted at Jordie’s address.
  • He has 238k followers on his Twitch account.


Who is WingsofRedemption?

Popularly known by the name WingsofRedemption or Richard Samuel Jordan, originally named Richard McCraty Samuel “Jordie” Jordan, was born on the 21st of April 1986 in Conway, South Carolina, in The United States. 

What is WingsofRedemption’s real name? 

His real name is Jordie McCraty Jordan.

What is WingsofRedemption age?

As of 2023, he is 37 years old.

How tall is WingsofRedemption?

His height is 5 feet 11 inches.

How much does WingsofRedemption weigh?

His weight is 197 kg or 435 lbs.

Is WingsofRedemption still on Twitch? 

He has been permanently banned from using Twitch.

Where does WingsofRedemption live?

Conway, South Carolina, United States

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