Nerdrotic Wiki, Real Name, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Nerdrotic is a new but quite popular addition to the YouTube community, and he is here to stay. As his channel name will have you believe, this creator is an enthusiast in all things nerdy. From Marvel movies to underground niche games, reviewing and commenting on everything is his favorite pastime. He also does hilarious live streams, … Read more

Rachel Maksy Wiki, Age, Wedding, Husband, Net Worth

We all love traveling through time, but only a few people can realize their dreams of beautiful creative inspiration. Rachel Maksy is one search online artist and content creator with over a million followers on her YouTube, going to her excellent vintage costuming talents. She creates costumes of European origin but of much older times – from … Read more

Schaffrillas Productions Face Reveal, Wiki, Age, Net Worth

James Phyrillas was born on 9 January 1998 in Berks, Pennsylvania, United States. With Greek roots, James Phyriillas is largely popular for his YouTube channel Schaffrillas Productions wherein he reviews content, posts analysis, and does live reenactments of several great animated sitcoms. During his schooling days, James was a part of the theater group and took … Read more

KitBoga Wiki, Face, Real Name, Age, Wife, Net Worth

KitBoga is an American YouTuber and Twitch streamer who is famous for skill, humor, and knowledge when it comes to tackling scammers online. His real name is anonymous. While doing so, he plays several characters during the confrontation to stall scammers while he deletes all the information on their servers. Not only does he entertain, … Read more

Who is Scammer Payback? Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Pierogi, popularly referred to by his YouTube channel Scammer Payback, shares his wild stories on his YouTube channel. People living in different corners of the world and especially the ones from the Indian subcontinent owe a great deal of gratitude to Scammer Payback, a YouTuber taking on online scammers and phishers and exposing the dark underbelly … Read more

Shi Heng Yi Wiki, Age, Height, Wife, Net Worth

Master Shi Heng Yi is a famous and highly talented martial artist known for his excellent motivational speeches. He is also the headmaster of the Shaolin Temple in Germany, Europe. He teaches mental and spiritual development, Shaolin Arts, Qi Gong, breathing methods, etc. He was born in 1983 and is around 40 years old. He has a tall … Read more

Beau of the fifth column Wikipedia, Age, Wife, Bio, Net Worth

Well known across the online platform as Beau of the fifth column, Justin King is a popular YouTuber and commentator recognized because of his American news, educational, and politics-related videos. What makes him unique is that he approaches the prevailing events from a leftist perspective and emphasizes individual actions and community building more. Parallel to his … Read more