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While his real name remains under wraps, people popularly refer to him after his YouTuber channel named “Jim Browning.” A software engineer by profession, a close relative of Browning lost a huge chunk of money to a technical support scam. This prompted Browning to conduct thorough research on scam operations in turn triggering him to work as a scam baiter. Thanks to his degree in software engineering, Browning was able to successfully implement his learnings to being a scam-baiter.

Jim Browning Face Reveal

jim browning face reveal
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Age, Biography and Wiki

There isn’t much information currently available about Jim’s personal life. We will keep updating this article as and when there is a new piece of information available. 

Real NameJim Browning
Date of BirthNot Reveal
Age as of 202330 – 40
BirthplaceNorthern Ireland
ProfessionYoutuber and Software Engineer


The world of online crime affects over a million users each year. Over time, victims of cybercrime ultimately give up any hope of recovering their money. But in the midst of all this, Jim Browning works as a virtual vigilante who is giving it back to these cyber criminals.

As technology advances by the minute, so do the complications brought about by the world of online scams and phishing. Modern-day criminals now use the Internet to siphon off people’s hard-earned money by making them fall prey to lucrative schemes, scams, and other things online.

Soon after the incident, Jim Browning started his own YouTube channel in 2014 wherein he exposed numerous technical support scams, particularly in India, with the help of video evidence and call recordings and then sent it to the respective authorities. 

Since then, Browning has conducted several investigations into the matter and has exposed dozens of people claiming to be tech support experts. His investigations focus particularly on illicit tech support scam operations in India that target the computer illiterate and the elderly and con them into losing their money. 

Over the years, Browning has collaborated with numerous people from the same sector in order to expose large-scale scams. From a technical support scam in Gurugram, Haryana to a small-scale refund scam being operated in Kolkata, West Bengal, Browning has played a major role in laying their operations to rest. 

For his work as a content creator, Browning was honored with a Steamy Awards during the 12th Steamy Awards Ceremony in 2022. 

The BBC Panorama Investigation

Perhaps one of his greatest moments of fame came when Jim Browning was featured in the 2020 edition of the celebrated British TV series Panorama. The show revolves around the world of scams and online phishing and focuses on helping people spot such crimes and making them aware. 

Browning, along with famous YouTuber Karl Rock, infiltrated a tech support scam center and exposed their illicit operations in Gurugram, Haryana, India. The duo extensively documented the entire operation with the use of drones and CCTV cameras placed inside the Gurugram facility.

Using this surveillance equipment, the two gathered necessary bits of key information against alleged scammer Amit Chauhan, who was carrying out a series of scams targeting the elderly and computer illiterate within the USA and the UK. 

In addition to the camera footage, Browning and Rock obtained call recordings of Chauhan conning a woman of diabetes and laughing at an elderly British man being diagnosed with depression. While Chauhan initially refused all the allegations, Chauhan, along with his accountant Sushil Kumar, were arrested in a police raid soon after. 

Jim Browning Net Worth

Thanks to all his viewers on YouTube, Jim Browning’s estimated net worth is believed to be around the $1 million mark. His entire fortune is a result of his long-standing career in Software engineering which he was then able to implement as a scam-baiter on his YouTube channel. 

Net Worth$1 Million
Income SourceYoutube, Ads and Sponsorships

Social Media

TwitterVisit Now
Phone NumberWill update
Email Addressjimbrowning@fastmail.fm


Who is Jim Browning?

While his real name remains under wraps, people popularly refer to him after his YouTuber channel named “Jim Browning.” A software engineer by profession, a close relative of Browning lost a huge chunk of money to a technical support scam. 

What is Jim Browning real name?

Jim’s real name is Jim Browning.

How old is Jim Browning?

As of 2023, his age is between 30 to 40.

What nationality is Jim Browning?


How to contact Jim Browning?


How much does Jim Browning make?

His net worth is around $1 million.

Where is Jim Browning from?

Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom

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